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Prismalence LED Lighting Products

See Data sheets for more detail and technical specifications of each product.

Water and shock protected LED fixture for heavy duty applications. EX zone 1, 1.1, 2 and 2.2 (300W).
Container cranes (STS, RMG), mining equipment, hi-masts as well as warehouses and workshops.  More>>
Zenith LED 175W
IP65 protected LED fixture for any hi-bay application 3m-21m. Suitable for replacing conventional 600W Sodium or Mercury lights 1 for 1.
Stainless steel bracket, silicon sealings and high purity aluminium reflector and cooler. Hexagonal light-spreads hig  More>>
Super light-weight, elegant LED fixture for Indoor and Outdoor applications: wet, hot, cold & corrosive atmospheres. Graphene based cooling paste. Integrated power supply. Eg: Crane Walkway, Mobile work-light, Area mast, warehouse, vehicles, sports.  More>>
Heavy Duty, light weight, Hi-mast LED fixture for applications in wet, hot, cold and corrosive atmospheres. Dimming option. Replaceable parts. Suitable for seaport environment. Protected against water, sand & UV. Graphene cooling paste, Aiming sight.  More>>
Heavy-Duty, high-powered LED-road luminaire. Corrosion resistant. Easy service. Adjustable mounting. Rectangular long-range beam. Impact resistant. Optional internal 90 min back up power.
Eg: Seaside motorway, Fences, Roads & Parking.  More>>
Lightweight 2.5 kg, hi-efficiency LED fixture or retrofit E40 fitting for any environment.
IP69K rated for food, animal & chemical industry. Corrosion resistant. Good heat transfer.
Eg: Halls, Industry, Animal stables, Sport halls.  More>>