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Interior lighting

Almost any building woud benefit from using our lighting; from large public areas like sports grounds and exhibition space, to industrial power plants, factories and warehouses. High ceilinged spaces are easy to fit out.

The quality of light passes the discriminating needs of art galleries.

The distribution of light can be arranged to light bottom pallets as well as the top ones, in fact Tube lighting was < 50 Lux at the ground pallet and became 200 Lux with 50% of the energy.

For interior applications Solljus is generally reccommended.  If you want more rugged fixtures, then the Stella and Polaris would be better. There is also the LED version of Polaris.

exhibition solljus
exhibition lit by solljus
LarsBolin Gallery
LarsBolin Gallery
Pallet shelving
Tube lighting < 50 Lux at the ground pallet becomes 200 Lux with 50% of the energy.
Factory 14 kW
Factory 14 kW HPS
Factory 6.8 kW lit by Solljus
Factory with 6.8 kW Solljus lighting
Suitable Indoor Products
Zenith LED 175W
IP65 protected LED fixture for any hi-bay application 3m-21m. Suitable for replacing conventional 600W Sodium or Mercury lights 1 for 1.
Stainless steel bracket, silicon sealings and high purity aluminium reflector and cooler. Hexagonal light-spreads hig  More>>
Lightweight 2.5 kg, hi-efficiency LED fixture or retrofit E40 fitting for any environment.
IP69K rated for food, animal & chemical industry. Corrosion resistant. Good heat transfer.
Eg: Halls, Industry, Animal stables, Sport halls.  More>>
Water and shock protected LED fixture for heavy duty applications. EX zone 1, 1.1, 2 and 2.2 (300W).
Container cranes (STS, RMG), mining equipment, hi-masts as well as warehouses and workshops.  More>>