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Road lighting


Prismalence AB in association with Nordic Light AB, have developed our CDM and LED road lighting fixtures for lighting systems with low total cost for their lifespan.

These rugged units are very efficient, casting a wide pool of light via our patent lens system. The light is much whiter than conventional units, so people can see a loat better.

Choose CDM or LED depending on your requirements.

Mamba LED
Mamba LED
Mamba XL LED
Mamba XL LED
Mini Mamba LED
Mini Mamba LED
Cobra CDM
Cobra CDM
Arkitekt CDM
Arkitekt CDM

Proven benefits with this new technology (Figures for Cobra tests):

Direct savings:

  • 50-70% in reduced power consumption
  • 80% less mercury used in the light sources compared to 70W HPS
  • 50-70% reduction of Co2 emissions (based on Co2/KWh according to Nordic 
  • Electrical Power production).

Indirect savings:

  • Reduced maintenance and installation cost due to fewer light poles (if using the 162° optics).
  • Reduced installation cost due to smaller power cable.
  • Reduced maintenance cost due to light weight and maintenance friendly luminary
  • Huge Co2 reductions can be achieved by changing street lights.

By changing a standard 70W HPS street luminaire (which burns an average of 3800 hours per year) to a Prismalence CDM 35W, a Co2 reduction of 57kg is achieved. This corresponds to the emissions made by a modern car driving 438km (according to the new EU norm of 0.13kg Co2/km). 

By changing a 125W Hg luminaire to a Prismalence CDM 35W, a Co2 reduction of 147kg is achieved. This corresponds to the emissions made by a car driving 1130km.

The calculations above are made with a Co2 emission value of 0.43 kg/KWh, which is an average for European electrical power production.

Suitable Road Lighting Products
LED luminaire with patented lens optics. Powder coated aluminum body. Applications include Road lighting, pedestrian lighting, small and medium motorways, perimeter lighting, car parks and jogging tracks. 36W and 50W.  More>>
Water and vibration protected LED street fixture for heavy duty applications such as busy highways or seaside. 50% dimming via electronic ballast in separate compartment. Prismatic hardened glass lens system. 120W or 220W.  More>>
Pole or wall fitting LED street lighting unit. Rectangular projected light with minimal glare.18W.  More>>
Developed for lighting streets, roads, cycle-paths, parking areas, crossings etc. It uses our unique optical system to achieve greater light spread, more even light and lower energy consumption. 35W, 70W and 100W.  More>>
Suitable for park environments, car parks or other environments where omnidirectional illumination is required. Aluminium waterproofed to IP65 rating. 35W and 70W ceramic metal halogen.  More>>