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Stella LED 440W

The Stella LED 440W is made up by two Stella bodies connected to make one fixture that is ideal for replacing 1000W HID fixtures One-for-One.

Water and shock protected for heavy duty applications. Six step pre-treated powder coated aluminum body with low graphite content for marine grade corrosion resistance. Electronic ballast in 2 separate water safe casings.
The luminaire is equipped with 4 ballasts allowing phase controlled dimming in up to 4 steps, this provides also increased reliability as a failure will only dim 25%. As an option, full dimming capabilities are available.

Built in lens protection. Multiple rectangular light pictures, extra long range and low glare via patented prismatic lens system. Heavy Duty bracket as standard - safety chain as option. Hardened prismatic glass lenses are completely UV immune.

The LED are divided into 8 easily replaceable units.

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