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Outdoor lighting

For outdoor applications, like Dockyards or Sports arenas, our units are very effective and efficient as well as rugged and vibration proof. Mast lighting can benefit from shorter and / or fewer masts for the same light from most any other system. Fewer light units on cranes etc. will more than adequately light the appropriate areas. Correctly installed prismalence lighting will result in drastically reduced light spillage / pollution.

For outside we reccomend the rugged Stella and Polaris units.

Rail masts
Rail masts
Port Cranes
Port Cranes
Älvsborg Bridge
Älvsborg Bridge
Suitable Outdoor Products
Water and shock protected LED fixture for heavy duty applications. Multiple rectangular light pictures via patented prismatic lens system. Extra low glare. 122W, 220W and 300W.  More>>
The Stella LED 440W two Stella bodies connected to make one fixture that is ideal for replacing 1000W HID fixtures One-for-One. Water and shock protected for heavy duty applications. 440W.  More>>
Designed for High Masts (24 - 50m), Container crane, industrial yards, workshops and sports arenas this unit is available in 210W or 315W CDM versions. These units project a rectangular light picture via the patented
prismatic lens system.  More>>
Our most popular unit. Inside or outdoor applications. Rugged coated aluminium construction available with bracket (as shown), wire or pole mount. 35W, 70W or 150W with any choice of lenses for different light spread. Also see LED version.  More>>
LED Polaris
For interior and exterior lighting in demanding environments. Ideal for situations where direct ignition is an issue or light needts to be switched, e.g control via motion detection or outdoor emergency lights. 38W LED.  More>>