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The quest for the perfect light source

cdm graph
CDM-ceramic discharge metal-halide

The development of light sources throughout history is profound - from the open flame light sources, such as candles, oil lamps and torches, through the more sophisticated electrical light bulbs and their descendants, the Halogen lights, we now have access to various gas discharge light sources and micro wave lamps. These last types of light sources have actually started to approach the ideal of the perfect light source - the centre of light emission is becoming very small (which is essential for constructing compact and efficient optical systems), the efficiency (Lumen / Watt) is considerably improved compared to earlier light sources, and the spectral distribution can be precisely controlled and altered by changing the composition of the gasses.

Prismalence philosophy

The philosophy and intent of Prismalence AB is to sponsor and utilise the development of light sources that possess favourable traits, thereby to keep ahead in the area of development and production of high-end lighting systems.

spectrum graph
Low pressure sodium (LPS)
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High-pressure sodium (HPS)
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Mercury Fluorescent (MSF)
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Metal Halide 3000K (MBI)