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Your lighting needs are best met with our ultra-reliable LED or CDM units. Some of the main advantages of both are listed here to help you choose one type over the other, or even a combination of the two. Either way the same patented optics maximises the energy saving and gives excellent visibility.

Not all LEDs are the same. Prismalence has complimented tried and trusted CDM with ultra-reliable LEDs. Our LED units have matching electronic ballasts to maximise efficiency and life expectancy. LED expected lifetime is 60,000 hours and you get 5 year guarantee.

CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) are very different light sources, but in many ways compare well. Prismalence CDM and LED form complimentary sets of products.


  • Power efficient compared to conventional light sources, tungsten, high pressure sodium discharge etc.
  • Low heat. For same amount of light.
  • Very good whiteness of light. This makes it much easier to see things illuminated by them.
  • With Prismalence's patent optics light is distributed where you want it very efficiently and without the normal glare associated with most high power lighting.

CDM Advantages

  • CDM is tried and trusted. Although we use high quality LEDs LED technology is still evolving and some of the long term testing has simply not been possible yet.
  • CDM is still lower initial and lifetime cost for continuous or all night operation.

LED Advantages

  • LED can be switched on and off instantly. Best where light must be switched on and off a lot. Security lights are a good example.
  • Dimmable. Using the right electronics light output can be varied easily. CDM can be controlled using a CDM dimmer.
  • LED housings can be smaller.
  • Long life.