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Visibility equivalency table
 Prismalence CDM  Halogen  Mercury  High Pressure Sodium  Metal Halogen 
35W 500W 125W70W70W
70W1000W 250W 150W 250W
150W 2000W400W 400W400W

The table above shows how Prismalence's CDM ( Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide ) outperform all conventional light sources. See also LED Comparison.

Below are a number of before and after images that show how prismalence lights dramatically improve visibility. One of the consequences of having the light so well directed, and the relatively small size of the prismalence units, is that the units themselves are often quite hard to see in the photographs! Wasteful or badly aimed light tends to impress the photographer, but doesn't help the people using the lit facility.

The image on the right shows a test at a real customer site where prismalence lamps have replaced existing lamps on an initial - the nearest - pole. While lighting the area better, much more evenly, there is only a tiny percentage of leaked light so the light unit is rather duller looking than the old ones.

Church lit by High Pressure Sodium light
Church lit by High Pressure Sodium light
Church lit by CDM light
Church lit by CDM light
church in daylight
church in daylight