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CDM dimming ballast

HID-DynaVision (Xtreme) for CDM Elite MW
- Xtreme drivers for maximum energy savings

DynaVision (Xtreme) for CDM Elite MW Highly reliable and flexible electronic drivers for medium wattage lamps; designed to save energy via integrated controls, and to reduce maintenance costs thanks to 80,000-hour lifetime and integrated lightning protection. The DynaVision DALI product family is the perfect basis for any sort of lighting management solution.


  • Enables 2-way communication with the lighting network (via DALI)
  • Up to 40% energy saving due to the integrated dimming options and very high driver efficiency
  • Minimizes maintenance cost due to the Xtreme lifetime of 80,000 hours and integrated lightning protection Features
  • Controllable and programmable by means of standard digital interface (DALI)
  • Integrates several control options (DynaDimmer, LineSwitch, Constant Light Output )
  • Xtreme long lifetime of 80,000 hours with minimum 90% survival at Tc = 80 °C
  • Xtreme lightning protection 10 kV/5 kA
  • Accurate lamp power stabilization of 95-97% over wide mainsvoltage range of 180-300 V.

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