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CAD Examples

CAD examples showing 3D object and lighting patterns via DIALux software.

Top:  2x9pcs150W, Trust 30x60 on the boom, 2x7pcs 150W Trust 30x60 on the beam, 4pcs 150W Trust 60x90 on the cill and 4pcs 150W Trust 15x30 under the cabin.

Middle: RTG crane - replacing 10 x 1000 tungsten halogen. 10 pcs 150W medium beam (#36) gives an average of 122 lux.

Bottom: Pallet Shelving. Even (150-200 Lux) light over the whole pallet shelving. Also saved 50% energy from previous uneven tube lighting.

CAD crane
CAD light pattern
CAD crane
CAD light pattern
Pallet shelving
Pallet Shelving Dialux diagram
150-200lux the whole pallet shelving.